Freeman Jiang

Computer Science @ University of Waterloo

I build beautiful and performant applications end to end.

For fun, I also take photos.

I like working with:
Rust, Go, TypeScript, Next.js.


SWE Intern at Wispr AI

Working with an awesome team of neuroscientists and engineers!


STEP Intern at Google Cloud

Built a distributed data processing pipeline for exporting terabytes of medical images.

Co-Founder of Agora Labs

My first startup. Led engineering to build the product from scratch. Received a YC interview. Acquired by Talent Protocol.

SWE Intern at Curvegrid

Built blockchain infrastructure products. Also had the time of my life in Japan.

SWE Intern at Dropbase

Worked on developer tooling for importing CSVs to databases.


A fast-paced, tabletop word-association game built for iOS and Android.

Gazooks! project cover image

Socratica Graph

Mapping the interests of 700+ people at Waterloo's biggest creator event.

Socratica Graph project cover image


Semantic search engine for high quality, long-form content

Resonant project cover image


Browser extension for editing images on the web using stable diffusion.

Imaginate project cover image

Using computer vision on a Raspberry Pi to track vehicles and alert riders of dangerous situations. Winner @ Hack the North for Best Use of CockroachDB.

Tandem project cover image


Stablecoin bank for LATAM countries to hedge against currency instability. Accepted to Y Combinator's S22 batch.

StableBank project cover image

Platform for web3 creators to token-gate access to premium content and reward early supporters.

Agora Labs project cover image


A proof-of-concept, decentralized rock paper scissors betting game. Coded from scratch and deployed on the Ethereum network.

EthRPS project cover image


Want to get in touch?

Send an email to or shoot me a DM on Twitter.